[rescue] Sun StorEdge D2 PS pinout

sawbona at gmx.net sawbona at gmx.net
Fri Jun 5 08:38:21 CDT 2020

I'm in the process repurposing a power supply from a scrapped Sun Microsystems
D2 array which was working perfectly well when decomissioned.

It is a Japanese made 360W FDK PEX737-40, +5V/30A and +12V/23A.
Impressively well built hardware and in mint condition.

The plug at the back of the canister has 24 pins just like the usual male
Molex 39-01-2240
(?) used for ATX MBs but with a different pinout and without some of the usual
ATX voltages,
which makes sense as it is not a for a motherboard.

Of the 24 pins, 19 are 18AWG and 5 are 24AWG.

With the unit plugged in and the rear switch 'on', I get these readings:

18AWG-red    ->   0.00V to GND
24AWG-red    ->   3.0mV to GND
18AWG-orange ->   0.00V to GND
18AWG-yellow ->   0.00V to GND
24AWG-green  ->   0.00V to GND
24AWG-grey   ->   0.00V to GND
24AWG-blue   -> + 5.08V to GND
24AWG-brown  -> + 3.0mV to GND

This would make(?) the blue cable PS_ON and the green cable GND.
Although there's no continuity between the green cable and GND, the unit
latches on when I
short blue+green.

The five 18AWG +5V cables are on the same rail as they show 0.1 ohms between
same for the three 18AWG +12V cables.

The remaining red cable shows 10.2 ohms to the other +5V cables.

The yellow +12V cable shows 3.80k ohms with respect to the other +12V cables
and is
probably destined to one of the two redundant fans the array had.

With the unit plugged in, the rear switch 'on' and green+blue shorted, the
unit latches on and
I get these readings:

18AWG-red    -> + 5.11V to GND
24AWG-red    -> + 5.10V to GND
18AWG-orange -> +12.29V to GND
18AWG-yellow -> +12.01V to GND
24AWG-green  -> + 5.07V to GND
24AWG-grey   -> + 5.06V to GND
24AWG-blue   -> + 5.10V to GND
24AWG-brown  -> + 5.10V to GND

So my guess is that the blue cable is PS_ON, the gray cable is PWR_OK and the
cable GND (?).

What I would need to know is this:

What would be the proper wiring/use of the brown cable?
Is it a sense cable like every other ATX PS?
Do I need to put in a dummy load (10 ohm/5w sandbar resistor) to insure

I'd be grateful for any input on this.

Thanks in advance.

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