[rescue] SAS 1068e bootable on G5, PCIe weirdness (was: Re: LSI1068 PCI-X bootable on Sun, howto)

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Sun Jul 5 03:57:06 CDT 2020

Le jeu. 2 juil. 2020 C  19:37, Romain Dolbeau <romain at dolbeau.org> a C)crit :
> a) get a 1068 (or 1064 presumably)-based PCI-X device, put it in a PC

So I figured, if it works on Suns, it should also work on other
OpenFirmware-based systems, right?
So I gave it a go with a PCIe board with a 1068e in it. Flashed the
same ROM file from 122165-02.zip, put it in a G5 Quad, installed OSX
10.5 on it - no issue whatsoever with the drive, the G5 reboots fine
on the SAS drive.

However - no network. Neither on-board GbE sees a carrier, whether the
cable is plugged before hand or after boot. OSX sees them fine, just
no carrier... So reboot on the on-board SATA - idem, even with no
drive plugged. Remove the 1068e, the link is brought up during POST
(the light on the switch comes up just before the start-up 'booong'
noise). Put back the 1068e, no carrier. Try Debian, no carrier either.
Remove the Fcode-1068e, put one with the original x86 firmware (OSX
can use those but not boot from them) - same: no carrier! Try the
Fcode board in a different PCIe slot - still no carrier. Remove the
board, everything's fine again.

Anyone has a suggestion on what's going on? I don't see why adding a
PCIe board would affect the on-board GbE. It doesn't really matter as
it was purely an experiment (G5s accept SATA drives anyway so plenty
of options for them, G4s have only 5V PCI slots and I've never seen a
5V-compatible SAS board, only 3.3V-only PCI[-X], so it's not a
solution to replace the PATA drive in them, sadly), but I'm curious. I
don't remember G5 having PCIe issues back in the day.


Romain Dolbeau

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