[rescue] LSI1068 PCI-X bootable on Sun, howto (was: Re: Bootable Sun Firmware for PCI-X LSI1068 SAS ?)

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 15:10:03 CDT 2020


If you are struggling to find the firmware I may be able to find it.


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> On 2 Jul 2020, at 18:38, Romain Dolbeau <romain at dolbeau.org> wrote:
> o;?(Trying again with a slightly different content, for some reason
> 'rescue' declined the first mail because of the content ?!?)
> So, for those interested:
> a) get a 1068 (or 1064 presumably)-based PCI-X device, put it in a PC
> (... with a suitable slot, but 64 bits is not required, the
> 32bits/33mhz slot in my X8DTL did just fine for my HP board).
> b) flash it to the latest and greatest IT firmware P21 (didn't try IR,
> might work) using a PC (you might want to go for FreeDOS so that you
> can safely erase the Flash to move from IR to IT, sometimes 'sasflash'
> is annoying), this gives you FW Ver and x86-BIOS
> Plenty of resources on flashing LSI boards on the
> internet if you have doubts.
> c) get yourself Solaris patch 122165-02, extract it, there's a
> '370-7696-04_FCode_1_00_40.ROM' in it. That's what's needed for the
> 1064/1068, there could be newer versions but I didn't look further.
> d) flash it with "sasflash -c <mycontroller> -b
> 370-7696-04_FCode_1_00_40.ROM", exactly like a BIOS file
> e) shutdown the PC and move the card to your PCI-X Sun, power-up to
> PROM, check with 'probe-scsi-all' ; I get a new
> '/pci at 1c,60000/LSILogic,sas at 2' bus :-) It wasn't there with the x86
> BIOS, so the upgrade did something
> f) shutdown and plug a SAS drive (SATA might have a shot in the
> future, but I have a stack of 2 TB SAS drive so one step at a time),
> probe-scsi doesn't see it but probe-scsi-all does
> g) boot on the Debian Install cdrom, start installing to the SAS
> drive, no issue (didn't try Solaris)
> h) fix the boot-device to point to the SAS drive, type boot, wait a
> bit more than for the SCA drive (seems the OF driver isn't fast) to
> load grub and then the kernel, and eventually the kernel loads a
> driver and everything is fine :-)
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> Romain Dolbeau
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