[rescue] LSI1068 PCI-X bootable on Sun, howto (was: Re: Bootable Sun Firmware for PCI-X LSI1068 SAS ?)

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Jul 2 12:37:19 CDT 2020

(Trying again with a slightly different content, for some reason
'rescue' declined the first mail because of the content ?!?)

So, for those interested:

a) get a 1068 (or 1064 presumably)-based PCI-X device, put it in a PC
(... with a suitable slot, but 64 bits is not required, the
32bits/33mhz slot in my X8DTL did just fine for my HP board).

b) flash it to the latest and greatest IT firmware P21 (didn't try IR,
might work) using a PC (you might want to go for FreeDOS so that you
can safely erase the Flash to move from IR to IT, sometimes 'sasflash'
is annoying), this gives you FW Ver and x86-BIOS Plenty of resources on flashing LSI boards on the
internet if you have doubts.

c) get yourself Solaris patch 122165-02, extract it, there's a
'370-7696-04_FCode_1_00_40.ROM' in it. That's what's needed for the
1064/1068, there could be newer versions but I didn't look further.

d) flash it with "sasflash -c <mycontroller> -b
370-7696-04_FCode_1_00_40.ROM", exactly like a BIOS file

e) shutdown the PC and move the card to your PCI-X Sun, power-up to
PROM, check with 'probe-scsi-all' ; I get a new
'/pci at 1c,60000/LSILogic,sas at 2' bus :-) It wasn't there with the x86
BIOS, so the upgrade did something

f) shutdown and plug a SAS drive (SATA might have a shot in the
future, but I have a stack of 2 TB SAS drive so one step at a time),
probe-scsi doesn't see it but probe-scsi-all does

g) boot on the Debian Install cdrom, start installing to the SAS
drive, no issue (didn't try Solaris)

h) fix the boot-device to point to the SAS drive, type boot, wait a
bit more than for the SCA drive (seems the OF driver isn't fast) to
load grub and then the kernel, and eventually the kernel loads a
driver and everything is fine :-)


Romain Dolbeau

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