[rescue] Bootable Sun Firmware for PCI-X LSI1068 SAS ?

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Jul 2 09:51:44 CDT 2020

Le jeu. 2 juil. 2020 C  14:24, Andy McClements <ajm at ip-ether.net> a C)crit :
> Hi, I looked at this for the same reasons (though for a U60) a while ago
> and drew a blank, so I'd be interested to hear if you get a result.

As far as I can tell, you need the Fcode ROM and flash it with -b,
either on a IT or IR firmware, I'm not sure... except you need the ROM
image, which isn't on Broadcom website. I can find the Fcode for some
FiberChannel adapter, for a newer SAS (I think), but not for the 1068
family :-(

And Sun was shipping 1064 and 1068e, but not 1068 apparently. There's
patches listed on
mentioning firmware updates for those. They may or may not contain the
relevant ROM file...

Otherwise, one could extract the current Fcode from an existing
device. Not sure if that's possible for embedded controllers; for
add-on cards it's a matter of putting the PCI-X (or PCIe) card in a
regular PC and backuping it with "sasflash -ufirmware".

> IIRC I sent some time digging around the traces of LSI's web presense
> left in the Internet Archive without success.

There's still a lot of the old LSI stuff in the Broadcom website
(sequence of acquisition left LSI in the hand of Broadcom), e.g.:
<https://www.broadcom.com/site-search?q=linux%20p21> will find you the
P21 Linux installer (sasflash) and
<https://www.broadcom.com/site-search?q=bios%20p21> will find you the
P21 firmwares (P21 is the latest for the family, as far as I can
I've just downloaded the 3080XR one and updated my PCI-X board to the
latest IT firmware, works just fine:

$ sudo ./sasflash -ver -listall
 Num   Ctlr      FW Ver     NVDATA   x86-BIOS     EFI-BSD    PCI Addr
1   1068E(B3)  2d.03    No Image   00:02:00:00
2   1068E(B3)  2d.03    No Image   00:03:00:00
3   1068(B0)  2d.03    No Image   00:08:03:00

First two are PCIe (one embedded in the X8DTL, one flashed Dell OEM),
third is the PCI-X (HP OEM) I'd like to move to the Red.


Romain Dolbeau

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