[rescue] Bootable Sun Firmware for PCI-X LSI1068 SAS ?

Andy McClements ajm at ip-ether.net
Thu Jul 2 07:24:39 CDT 2020

Hi, I looked at this for the same reasons (though for a U60) a while ago 
and drew a blank, so I'd be interested to hear if you get a result.

IIRC I sent some time digging around the traces of LSI's web presense 
left in the Internet Archive without success. I suspect that should such 
firmware ever have been published, its long since disappeared.

My conclusion at the time was the best option was just to buy the 
original Sun Microsystems part, a SAS3041XL-S.

HTH, Andy

On 02/07/2020 12:55, Romain Dolbeau wrote:
> Hello,
> I just got a SunBlade 2500 that works OK (Linux logs cache parity
> error, so that may not last... but so far so good). Also the XVR-600
> doesn't seem very well supported in Linux, might have to
> (down|up)grade to a XVR-100.
> As SCA drives are old and small, I'd like to use a PCI-X SAS board
> using a LSI1068 chipset. Linux recognizes the device, though I haven't
> tried fitting a drive yet. However, the PROM doesn't know anything
> about it - it has an x86 BIOS on it, so no surprise there - so I can't
> boot from it.
> Anyone know where I could find an appropriate firmware to flash so
> that OpenBoot could use it? I'm fairly certain some 'Fcode' firmware
> existed for the silicon, as it's one of the most common early SAS
> chipset (being the non-express version of the near-ubiquitous
> PCIe-based 1068e). But my google-fu is failing me, I can't find
> anything :-(
> I only really need the firmware itself - I have a x86-64 machine with
> a compatible PCI-X slot and I have the archive for the x86-64 firmware
> & the linux 'sasflash' for it.
> (and if someone has the firmware for the express version, the 1068e,
> please don't hesitate to share as well!).
> Cordially,

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