[rescue] DEC12000 masPar

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Feb 24 16:21:24 CST 2020

>>> That system has been on eBay for at least a decade that I know of.
>> Probably because they're expecting half a million dollars for
>> something of that vintage when it's really worth maybe $2000
> For something that rare, it's not possible to establish a "market
> value".


> It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.  If some rich
> collector wakes up one day and decides he/she needs to have one, it
> will go for a lot more than $2K.  If not, there it will sit.

If someone with a high-value product with certifications running on one
has their hardware break, half a million may be chump change compared
to the costs of porting/rewriting the software and re-getting assorted
certifications for the new system.

Of course, that's total speculation.  I have no specific reason to
think such a `someone' exists.

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