[rescue] Spook kex [was Re: cd-rom rot]

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Feb 20 16:04:24 CST 2020

> The NSA actually still uses special tamper-resistant paper-tape carts
> and readers for key exchange.

Smart choice.  Information density is a non-concern (especially with
the special crypto they doubtless have, more than a few hundred bytes
of key data is overkill for just about everything) and it is one of the
few technologies that can be implemented in a way that is pretty much
invulnerable to the threat I can perhaps summarize as "can we trust the
fab line that made that chip?".

Of course, that last threat resurfaces as soon as you try to _use_ the
key.  But that, at least, doesn't involve sending physical artifacts
into close contact with the uncontrolled world.

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