[rescue] Alpha and Linux?

box bifo86 at SDF.ORG
Thu Feb 13 06:04:28 CST 2020

There is an unofficial, current build of Debian out there for Alpha.B  It 
being unofficial, it means that for example the installer has had bugs and 
things don't get fixed quickly (Timescale starts with months), so YMMV.B 
Gentoo is always built on the system itself so I think it should be much 
more recent but you'll effectively have an Alpha-powered space heater for 
a week.

I wouldn't bother though, a 266MHZ Alpha running a modern Linux isn't 
going to be much better than running it on a similarly spec'd Pentium.B 
Around the time when Nekochan went down, someone was releasing more modern 
software tools for Tru-64 (a much more recent GCC suite, particularly, 
along with a usable version of Firefox), but when that went down I don't 
know if any of it was saved.B  If you have a functioning OpenGenera setup 
then leave it alone and check out the newer emulated platform on a cheap 
PC setup, which works pretty well in my experience.

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