[rescue] Looking for Ethernet switch recommendations

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Feb 11 15:52:48 CST 2020

I'm looking for an Ethernet switch.  (Or possibly card - see below.)

Of course, being me, I have idiosyncratic desires. :-)

The point is to be a vlan demux device: one trunk port to my principal
house router, with assorted vlans fanned out to small unmanaged
switches (or multiple ports on this one, if it has enough).

It doesn't need to be big.  8 ports would be enough, with subsidiary
unmanaged switches; without them, at least 16 - but see below.

I want no moving parts, so, fanless.  My impression (which of course
may be wrong!) is that "fanless" correlates negatively with "lots of
ports", so I'm kinda expecting to get something with 8-12 ports.

Of course, since the point of it is to be a vlan demux, so it needs to
be vlan-capable, which kinda requires that it be managed.  However, it
has to be managed via serial line, or possibly ssh (maybe even telnet,
if I can convince myself it's secure enough) - having to use the Web
for _anything_, even "just" setup tasks like enabling telnet management
or installing an ssh key, renders it a nonstarter.

It needs to be gigabit-capable, though these days that's kinda like
saying it has to come with a power supply.  Jumbograms might be nice
but they're "might be nice", not even "I'd pay significant extra for",
much less "this is actually important".

Alternatively, does anyone know what's available in PCI cards with at
least four ports?  I'm wondering if perhaps I could add such a thing to
my house router instead of trunking to an external vlan demux device.

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