[rescue] IPv6 questions

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Feb 11 09:24:02 CST 2020

>> well, when I worked in Tromsx for the second half of 2002

I didn't think it was worth a separate message, but since I'm writing
anyway: I forgot the list stripped high bits.  That x in Tromsx should
be an o-slash.  (The Swede I'm overtly responding to probably already
knows that, but some others might not.)

> Here in Sweden IP-only and the ISPs (and other service providers ie
> discovery and their ilk) hasn't came out to their customers yet, they
> instead persevers using carrier-grade nat and if you ask about IPv6
> ... what ?? do our customers need that ?

"Well, you have at least one customer who wants it."  But, as long as
enough customers are content with crippled previous-gen connectivity, I
suspect v6 will gain little traction.

One reason I'm with the provider I am is that they understand things
like v6.  (I once spoke with a Bell rep - Bell being one of the really
big mass-market end-user connectivity providers here - who asked why I
didn't switch to Bell, and I said, I want at least a /29 of v4 space,
native v6, and control over my reverse DNS.  He said, I don't know what
you just said.  I said, exactly.)

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