[rescue] IPv6 questions

Scott Newell newell+rescue at n5tnl.com
Mon Feb 10 15:14:32 CST 2020

Looking for advice here...

Is it reasonable to request a reverse DNS delegation for a static /56 
block with business class service? We don't _need_ it, so I don't 
want to overstep, but it does sound fun.

Any recommendations for a registrar with a web interface or API to 
set both A and AAAA glue records for a name server?


Convinced our work ISP (Centurylink) to assign us an IPv6 block as 
part of a contract renegotiation. I expected them to come back with 
the block, gateway, and interface address once they were ready. But 
no, they wanted to have an 'activation' phone call, which I guess 
means I listen for 2 hours while they try and get their router 
configured. Most of it was "Should be working now", "Uh, my outbound 
pings are administratively rejected by your router", "Should be 
working now", "Inbound traceroute doesn't go past your router", etc. 
In the end, they got their end configured.

Since I don't know what I'm doing, it took me longer than expected to 
configure our router; not many example configs online with a static 
IPv6 block.

After all that hassle I thought I should work through the he.net IPv6 
certification, which was kind of fun, but I can't finish it out 
without the AAAA glue record.


newell  N5TNL

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