[rescue] Sun Microsystems e10k (Starfire)

Cutright, Jacob cutright_jm at wvwc.edu
Thu Dec 10 15:12:41 CST 2020


I've recently acquired a Sun Starfire. It has all the system boards
installed, presumably maxed out in CPUs/RAM (The one I opened was). I have
a D1000 as well, but no disks for it. There is no SSP that I know of; I am
currently looking for it.

I am in central West Virginia and am looking for a home for this system. I
would like to donate to a museum or possibly sell to an individual. If I am
not able to do those, I will either keep it to run occasionally for myself,
or part it out so that other e10000s may live on.

If you know anyone who may be interested in this system, please let me
know. I would prefer to keep it whole for historic preservation.

- Jacob

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