[rescue] FTGH IBM 9111-285 Workstation

Yvan Janssens infected at analprolap.se
Sun Aug 30 04:19:19 CDT 2020


I'm quite interested, but I've just left the UK because of brexit reasons.
I'll message you off-list.


On Sun, 30 Aug 2020 at 11:01, <md.benson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> After a major reorganisation in the living room I still have 1 nice system
> that needs a loving home.
> My 9111-285 aka Intellistation 285 POWER 5 1.9GHz single core (I think?)
> workstation is looking neglected and needs a place to live as I donb t
> have a
> use for it and it takes up a lot of floor space (which is about to be at a
> premium when my new project is finished).
> Itb s externally dusty and has a few scuffs but otherwise itb s in really
> good condition as Ib ve owned it from new and itb s been indoors all itb s
> life and seldom used. I think the supervisor CPU cardb s NVRAM battery is
> flat but itb s a fairly standard coin cell and it still starts without it,
> but being an IBM it throws a few error codes in the process.
> It has a pair if 15krpm 73GB drives, 8GB of RAM (I think I have some spare
> too) and I can provide all itb s original documentation (what little there
> is), diagnostics CDs and a recent-ish version of AIX 7L.
> I canb t ship it, the thing weighs 40+kg, so itb s collect only, it can be
> knocked down a bit for moving but the main chassis is still damned heavy.
> Itb s on a first floor with no lift so be prepare move it down stairs.
> Located in UK at LN11 postal code.
> All relevant social distancing must be observed (basically, please wear a
> face
> mask).
> b
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