[rescue] Vendors/products that supported StarLAN 1Mbps or 1Base5

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed Aug 19 17:01:52 CDT 2020

I recently discovered that I have a 1Mbps StarLAN interface for the AT&T 
UNIX PC (3b1 / 7300). So I was wondering if anybody remembers which 
networking vendors supported StarLAN 1, or 802.3e / 1Base5, back in the 
80s / early 90s.

I've come across some references to Western Digital, Micom-Interlan, 
Cross Comm Corp (Massachusetts), and Fox Research (later DCA?) possibly 
having offered products to bridge StarLAN to Ethernet. But in the few 
cases where I've seen a model (ex. Cross Comm 487 Series) I haven't been 
able to get past blurbs in Info World.

I'm interested in picking up such a bridge to see if it would help me 
get the 3b1 online - realizing there will probably be software hurdles 
to overcome.

And if you have reason to believe the AT&T StarLAN 10 hubs can also 
handle StarLAN 1 nodes, I'd love to hear about it!


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