[rescue] Extra information: Same with both type 6 and type 7 USB keyboards under.Solaris 8 on Sun Blade 150, no terminal, cursor key motion under CDE 1.4.

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Aug 11 12:27:09 CDT 2020

> If the cursor mode is changed the down arrow put a capital B on the
> screen in "application mode" in vi, while "normal" give normal cursor
> motion.

That's not too surprising.  DEC terminal ("vt100") behaviour is that
down-arrow generates ESC-[-B if application keypad mode is off, ESC-O-B
if on.  I'd guess that the vi in question isn't recognizing ESC-O as a
prefix, so it gets ignored and the B gets through - or, possibly, ESC
ends insert mode, the O opens a new line, and the B appears on that new
line, depending on what "put a capital B on the screen" means.

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