[rescue] Extra information: Same with both type 6 and type 7 USB keyboards under.Solaris 8 on Sun Blade 150, no terminal, cursor key motion under CDE 1.4.

SkywaveHouse g4jht at skywaveradio.ie
Tue Aug 11 12:04:49 CDT 2020

Hi All, Just got to test the Blade150, with a Type 7 Sun ANSI USB 
keyboard, same effect no Terminal or Console cursor motion from arrow 
keys. But noted the setting of cursorkey mode in terminal optionsdid 
work correctly in vi. If the cursor mode is changed the down arrow put a 
capital B on the screen in "application mode" in vi, while "normal" give 
normal cursor motion.
I would guess that proves the KB, drives and other hardware are working ?
 B Again I am inclined to suspect a bug in CDE1.4 so my next question 
is.B  Who would have a deeper knowledge of CDE1.4 internals please?

regards, Dave:-) at Skywave Radio.

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