[rescue] FTGH: sunos4 manuals

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Aug 7 11:35:11 CDT 2020

" 3 binders --
" 851-1029-01     system and network administration
" 800-4778-10     global index
" [shrinkwrapped] writing device drivers / streams programming

device drivers / streams has gone while the others linger...  but i've
discovered 5 more in my basement:

800-1754-11	sunos documentation tools
[shrinkwrapped]	programmer's language guides
800-3850-10	network programming guide
800-1784-11	sunview system programmer's guide / pixrect reference
800-3802-10	sunos 4.1 release & install

any interest in these?
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