[rescue] Looking for Sun 3/E CPU board

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Thu Apr 16 07:24:44 CDT 2020

Hi Folks

Anyone have a Sun 3/E CPU  68020 (part number 501-8028) or a 4/E CPU SPARC
(part numebers  501-8035/8058/8064) that they would be willing to let go of
for $$ or otherwise? Ideally looking for the 68020 but would be happy either

I have a 12 slot VME crate built up with the following
- 2x 501-8031 3/E 4M Memory
- 1x 501-8027 3/E Ethernet/SCSI board

Currently  I have a MVMVE162-212 CPU board in the chassis but would like to
get 68K SunOS up and running.

Thanks in advance


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