[rescue] Sun Netra T1125

Dennis Grevenstein dennis.grevenstein at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 16:04:04 CDT 2019


Richard wrote:
> So just picked up a Netra T1125 With Dual 440MHz UltraSPARC II, 1GB RAM and
> 18GB SCSI drives to add to the collection.
> So in the theme of b
> pimp my rideb
> what extra would you load it up with?
> Extra 1gig of memory....Any cool PCI cards? What OS would you run? Would
> look to Solaris or head towards NetBSD....?
> Looking for thoughts and inspiration

This is basically an Ultra 60 board in a telco rackmount case.
Useful PCI cards are probably some Gigabit ethernet cards and
possibly a SunPCi card. The SunPCi is like a plug-in PC on a
PCI card.
I personally like Solaris and I must say that NetBSD seems to
have lost some quality on many of the less popular systems.

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