[rescue] A somewhat modern rescue -- some PCI questions

Stephen Conley cheetah at tanabi.org
Sat Oct 26 20:22:34 CDT 2019

Hey guys;

So there was a local car dealership that moved locations and they sold off
their old office stuff.  They let me peek into their server closet (which
was literally a closet) and I came away with a liebert UPS with one
expansion unit (I love those things!) and a Dell PowerEdge T300.  Being a
machine from 2008 this guy is basically an infant compared to our typical
rescues, but, hey, its a rescue none-the-less.

I'm probably going to try to max this thing out and make it into a file
server.  Some questions:

1. Anyout out there have any ECC DDR2 @ 667 Mhz they are willing to part
with?  I'm hoping to find a total of 6 4 gig sticks which sounds like the
max this can take.  This seems very cheap and easy to find on ebay so no
biggie if nobody has any, can't hurt to ask.

2. The more relevant question.  If I wanted to put a graphics card in this
thing, would I be better served putting it in the PCI-X slot or a PCie x8
slot?  To be honest I'm not really sure what the difference are in terms of
performance and availability of cards; seems like PCIe is going to probably
be easier to find?  Any thoughts on what the smart choice here would be,
would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!


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