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Thu Oct 24 07:06:28 CDT 2019

On Wed, 23 Oct 2019 rescue-request at sunhelp.org wrote:

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> From: "Joshua D. Boyd" <jdboyd at jdboyd.net>
> Subject: [rescue] Dave McGuire's LSSM in the news
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> http://www.righto.com/2019/10/a-visit-to-large-scale-systems-museum.html
> Just saw this article pop up from Ken Shirriff's blog.

I was there in 2018 - every other word out of my mouth was "Wow.".

A great number of the systems there I either had (or still have) accounts
on from either $job[x] or public access.   While I used and/or
administered the systems, I never got to *stand* near one.    As the
saying goes, there was "just something about it" that I couldn't explain.

If you can arrange a visit, you won't regret it.   Dave and Corey were
excellent hosts/"tour guides".

I need to go back ... :)


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