[rescue] tired of current GUIs / a rant about the daily garbage we put up with

Bill Dorsey dorsey at lila.com
Wed Oct 23 16:55:59 CDT 2019

Hi Richard,

On 10/23/19 5:37 PM, Richard wrote:
> Interesting and maybe worth me looking at it someday.  Switching build
> systems is a HUGE deal and not something to be done lightly.  If
> collectively the team agrees that the benefits are worth it, then
> great.
Agreed, but our engineering team has grown considerably in the last few 
years and frankly we've outgrown pieces of our build infrastructure that 
served us well when we were smaller.B  For example, we've switched from 
local compute clusters to the cloud because it wasn't cost effective for 
us to maintain enough compute nodes in our datacenter to service our 
needs.B  Sometimes these external factors have lead us to make other 
changes that wouldn't make sense by themselves.

- Bill

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