[rescue] tired of current GUIs / a rant about the daily

Bill Dorsey dorsey at lila.com
Wed Oct 23 16:48:20 CDT 2019

Hi Richard,

On 10/23/19 5:29 PM, Richard wrote:
> Yes, and no.  We no longer optimize for the machine, because the
> machine is cheap.  We instead optimize for the amount of time humans
> have to spend making the machine do something useful, because the
> human labor is now the dominant economic factor in producing software.

I suspect this nicely summarizes some of the frustration some old-timers 
feel about the direction the field has taken.B  I didn't choose software 
engineering because I was better at connecting the dots than the guy 
next to me.B  I do firmware now, where tight coding and creative 
solutions still seem to matter.B  Unfortunately that is changing with 
ever more powerful silicon being released each year.B  Won't be long now 
before an interpreted language like Micropython displaces C for the 
majority of our firmware, because it is faster to develop on thus 
creating a competitive advantage.

- Bill

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