[rescue] Sparcstation LX Power Supply

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Oct 16 07:45:11 CDT 2019

Sounds like the IPX I pulled off the shelf about 2 weeks ago.

This webpage talks about an IPC power supply that was acting up, and recovered
after a clean and recap of the power supply.

Granted, the list of caps and all will be different, but I will probably try
and suss out the necessary caps for my IPX (and probably my LX as well) and go
through the PS.

Pulling out the lunchboxes was all because of replacing the NVRAM batteries,
so I might as well go all the way with the power supplies as well.


--------- Original Message --------- Subject: [rescue] Sparcstation LX Power
From: 'Bill Dorsey'
Date: 10/15/19 9:27 pm
To: rescue at sunhelp.org

I think I can
 probably manage to diagnose and repair the power supply without the
 schematic, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone else here has
 repaired any of these supplies and has any tips or comments?

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