[rescue] Sparcstation LX Power Supply

Bill Dorsey dorsey at lila.com
Tue Oct 15 21:27:51 CDT 2019

Now that my Sun 3/80 is working nicely, I figured it was time to try out 
my Sparc LX.B  It was working about 20 years ago when I put it into 
storage, but has not been powered on since.B  I plugged it in and pressed 
the power button on it (soft-switch) -- nothing happened.B  I opened it 
up and looked around for any obvious signs of problems, but didn't see 
any.B  I did find the Field Service Manual for the LX but its idea of 
power supply repair is to replace the entire module.B  I think I can 
probably manage to diagnose and repair the power supply without the 
schematic, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask if anyone else here has 
repaired any of these supplies and has any tips or comments?

- Bill

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