[rescue] 4/110 not booting

Michael Welle ml01 at c0t0d0s0.de
Sun Oct 6 09:31:29 CDT 2019


"Carl R. Friend" <crfriend at rcn.com> writes:

> On 10/6/19 9:57 AM, Michael Welle wrote:
>> If I start the machine with diag mode disabled the LEDs settle on
>> 00101000 (SCSI/DMA test) and then nothing happens.
>    Offhand, I'd suspect the disk drive.  The extended diags likely
> come from disk, and the logical thing to try after finishing off
> the POST is to boot -- and that's where things look like they're
> hanging up.  Is the disk spinning?  Does it make any odd noises
> (e.g. "clicking")?
I have an external SCSI tape drive connected to the machine. Shouldn't I
get the boot prompt if I send a break to the serial port?

>    Good luck with it!


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