[rescue] clearing out, FTAGH

Ross Lonstein rlonstein+sunhelp at pobox.com
Sun Oct 6 09:19:58 CDT 2019

Still available and more added:

1x Znyx ZX346Q PCI Quad Fast Ethernet (DEC tulip 21143 chipset)
1x NCR 8251S (Symbios 53C825) PCI SCSI controller
1x Matrox G550 (G55+MDHA32DB) AGP video card

 Misc Parts
1x IBM FD-05P Thinkpad External Floppy with cable
1x Conner CTD8000H DAT 3.5" drive in 5.25" carrier
1x Duel DA-001 ExpressCard34 to PCMCIA/CardBus adapter
1x Sun 370-2068 PS/2 to Sun 8 pin Mouse/Keyboard adapter
1x Sun 530-2357 13W3F to HD15 VGA cable
1x DEC 12-22196-01 10B-2 Thin Ethernet loopback

 72-pin DIMMS
2x IBM 11D2320BC-70 2Mb
2x Kingston KTM0130-1160-008 4Mb
2x TI TM248NBK36R-70 4Mb
2x Micron MT4D232M-6 EDO 4Mb
2x Generic (SEC chips, Assy Canada) EDO 8Mb
1x Samsung (Compaq) KMM5361000AG-8 4Mb
1x Compaq 129041-001 8Mb
1x Mitsubishi MH1M36ASDJ-7 4Mb?
1x Samsung KMM532100BV-7
1x Century MDK321V-8
1x [Unknown] 1-051396-15996+ (8xKM44C4100AK chips) 70ns

1x IBM DTNA-221100 (2.1G 2.5" IDE w/46H3960 flat ribbon cable)
1x Hitachi 1C25N030ATMR04-0 (30GB 2.5" IDE)
1x WD 800BEVE (80GB 2.5" IDE)
1x Toshiba MK1234GAX (120GB 2.5" IDE)
1x Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 MA6Y060L0 (80GB 3.5" 7200rpm ATA)
1x HP branded Seagate ST34501W (4.5GB 10k 68-pin SCSI)

- Ross

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