[rescue] Solaris 2.6 today

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Oct 3 09:22:17 CDT 2019

Le dim. 29 sept. 2019 C  22:29, Steve Hatle <shatle at nfldinet.com> a C)crit :
> Are there good sources for this stuff these days?

Just one left that I know of,

Will get you some packages for 2.6, but running 7 or 8 might get you
newer stuff, I haven't checked recently (GCC in particular is the big

Source code to rebuild the package yourself (beware - this will take a
_long_ time and might have some circular dependencies...) is available
on github: <https://github.com/tgc/tgcware-for-solaris> and


Romain Dolbeau

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