[rescue] more scsi questions

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 22:29:02 CDT 2019

I have my Alphastation 200 4/233 here. I have 320 mb ram in it and
popped in a nice 8mb video card. I put in the 146 gb drive with the
SCA/50 pin adaptor and I can get it to see the everything else. The
floppy, the ethernet, scsi bus & cdrom all show up but not the drive.
On a whim, I put in my much too small to use 1.05 gb SCA drive and
boom! there it is in "Show Dev". Sigh, Not sure what the problem
really is but...

Does anyone have a 9 or 18 gb drive they can spare cheap? SCA or 50
pin will work,

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                Alex White

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