[rescue] Sparc 20 schematics

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Sun Nov 17 03:23:20 CST 2019

Hi All

In the era of the Sparc 5 and 20 Sun licensed the design of the boards etc to
a few companies. I was wondering if anyone has the schematics to the Sparc 20
board (Sun,Hyundai etc) as I have a few bdeadb ones arriving and wanted to
see if any were a straight forward fix such as dead crystals etc. Having the
schematics would improve my chances of resurrecting one or more of the

Reason for this is the lack of boards out there to buy and I have a couple of
customers who are still using 20s due to EOL software on them and having many
years of designs using them.



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