[rescue] Sun Netra T1125

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Mon Nov 11 05:55:53 CST 2019

Hi everyone

OK so the T1125 is now up and running. It had its issues but would boot both CPU to Solaris 10 (no root passwd so reinstalled) when it arrived. however 
- 1 of the 2 drives was dead, removed the dead one...ordered a replacement
- NVRAM Battery was dead and the system complained about ID PROM INVALID etc..
- After replacing the NVRAM Battery the machine wouldn't boot and gave a RED State Exceptions on power up. Removing the second CPU (CPU1) seemed to resolve the issue, using CPU1 as CPU0 also resulted in RED State Exception so I am guessing the CPU is the issue. 

One interesting point is that both CPU are 480Mhz CPU Module with 8M Cache (501-5729)...have not found anything to indicate that thats a supported configuration. All I can find is that it is supported for Enterprise 450, 420R...I note that OBP reports as 450Mhz CPU. Anyone have any insight? Anyone got a spare they would be willing to part with? Is it an OS level issue similar to that in the following http://shrubbery.net/~heas/sun-feh-2_1/collections/intsrdb/24408.html 

Ordered the following to max the machine out...
- Extra Gig of memory
- Replacement drive
- Gig ethernet card

So current state
- Solaris 8 + Recommended Patch bundle + SUNWspci2 + SUNWspvnc
- 3x SunPCI II Cards (will probably drop back to 2 when the Gig ethernet card turns up.

# ./sunpci -l
Opening a SunPCi window...

  Name = Card1
    Device = /dev/sunpci2drv0
    Type = SunPCi II
    Description = SunPCi II card
    Peripherals = 
    ID = 00:03:BA:13:58:D6

  Name = Card2
    Device = /dev/sunpci2drv3
    Type = SunPCi II
    Description = SunPCi II card
    Peripherals = 
    ID = 00:03:BA:10:F2:D0

  Name = Card3
    Device = /dev/sunpci2drv6
    Type = SunPCi II
    Description = SunPCi II card
    Peripherals = 
    ID = 00:03:BA:10:F3:4A

thanks in advance


On Tue, 29 Oct 2019, at 11:32 PM, Dennis Grevenstein wrote:
> Hi,
> Richard wrote:
> >
> > Answering my own question...:-)
> >
> > Yes will work with 9 and possibly 10 with some work arounds.
> >
> > Documentation indicates can install multiple cards in the same machine...I
> > have 3 so letbs see how that goes :-) will have to watch that 25W per card
> > power requirement.....
> I think this depends on the exact version of the SunPCi card.
> The later versions II and III should work. The earliest SunPCI
> may not.
> Dennis
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