[rescue] Looking for Sun 3/80

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed May 15 15:11:12 CDT 2019


I've got a friend who contributes a lot to the Vintage computer field
(mostly in the CoCo arena) who I was speaking to at VCF SE 7.0
(I had a Sun 1/100, Sun 2/120, Sun 3/110, and Sun 4/110 on display).  He
reminisced about having a Sun 3/80 for a while (he actually
used it for development work).  I told him I'd do some looking to see if
anybody knows where one might be available...

Any chance anybody has one here they'd be willing to part with, or knows
where one might be found?
(I've got keyboard and other bits, just need the system unit...)



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