[rescue] Computer related equipment becoming available

rharr at provide.net rharr at provide.net
Tue May 7 16:13:00 CDT 2019

Hi All, 

     I will be moving from Ann Arbor, MI shortly.  Over the years I have
accumulated a large amount of computer related equipment.  It is stored
in several units at a storage facility.  There are cables, peripheral
boxes, external scsi cd drives, hard drives, older laptops, some Sun
hardware.  Considering the age and bulk most of this would not be worth
the cost of shipping.  I am hoping that some persons in the area would
be willing to look through this and make use of it or pass it on to
others.  For instance the Plextor scsi cd drives would be useful for
someone booting older sun computers.  I hope to make this available in
about a month.  If anyone is interested they can contact me off list at
rharr(at)provide(dot)net or preferably at rharr(at)ameritech(dot)net and
we can arrange a date and time to meet.  Later on as the stuff is culled
I will list things that might be worth paying shipping for. 


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