[rescue] Enterprise systems - free to a good home (UK)

Philipp Geyer philipp at geyer.co.uk
Wed May 1 14:57:36 CDT 2019

Jon and Peter,

You were the first two to email a positive response (I'm surprised how
quick it was!) so I think it makes most sense to share the love, and say
the E3500 for Peter, and the E4000 for Jon.

Jon: Are you wanting the SPARCStorage along with the E4000?

Your emails both have mobile numbers, so I'll contact you off list to
arrange this. It will probably be this weekend, or one evening next
week, as I'll need to extract them from the shelf, but also make sure
that I've got everything you'll need, keys etc. Unfortunately, I don't
work from home, and apart from this weekend, I'm fully booked at
weekends for a while, so my time is somewhat limited.


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