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Mike Spooner mikes at aalin.co.uk
Sun Mar 31 05:22:27 CDT 2019

Max memory on the Ultra-2 is 2GB, 16x128MB (IIRC, must be installed in groups of 4). 

As usual MemoryX appear to have 'em in stock.

I suspect the U2 firmware and S10 boot-loader were beyond the 512/2048 shenannigans (ie: could cope with either).

Some SCSI DVD drive models could not reliably read DVDs containing more than 3.7GB of data and thus could not install later revs of S10 (the stock ones in the Ultra-10 were notorious for that, fixable with firmware upgrade, although some other makes/models seem to have the problem too).

Finally, burning S10 media can be a hit-and-miss affair on Sun systems - if you don't have original Sun media but just a (SPARC edition) ISO, I would transfer the ISO to a PC and burn it to DVD *there*.



On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 10:06 AM +0100, "Peter Stokes" <peter at ashlyn.co.uk> wrote:

Hi Bob

A couple of questions...
1) can you read the media on the running system ok?
2) Does the drive have a 512/2048 jumper and for the DVD is set to 2048, 512
for CD?

Also agree that 11 is not for the U2, stick with 10 last release was the 13

You may want to increase the mem to 512/1gb however for 10, cannot remember
the min values for 10.


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> On 31 Mar 2019, at 03:31, Bob Darlington  wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I recently resurrected my old Sun Ultra 2 dual 300MHz box.  This involved
> cutting down into the NVRAM chip and attaching an external battery, finding
> a 13W3  to VGA adapter, etc.
> It's running Solaris 10 on a 9GB internal disk with 256 MB RAM.
> I see that 11.4 is supported on the Ultra 2, but the minimum recommended
> system memory is 4GB -twice the max for this system, and a whole lot more
> than what I have.
> I can't for the life of me boot the install DVD and am getting "Can't open
> boot_archive" and "fast data access mmu miss" below that.
> Is there some trick to this?  I've since copied the 10-Recommended patches
> off a DVD I made back in 6/2010 with whatever was current there and am
> currently patching the system (slow) so I know the DVD drive is at least
> good enough for that.   It's an HP drive I use with my NeXT and have some
> confidence in it, and is setup at the default scsi ID 6 where the internal
> CDROM drive was.
> Is it worth it to even try going to 11.4?  When I see a minimum amount of
> memory that high, I keep eyeballing my 2.6 CD.
> Thanks all,
> Bob
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