[rescue] Sun Solaris questions...

Bob Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 21:31:48 CDT 2019

Hi guys,

I recently resurrected my old Sun Ultra 2 dual 300MHz box.  This involved
cutting down into the NVRAM chip and attaching an external battery, finding
a 13W3  to VGA adapter, etc.

It's running Solaris 10 on a 9GB internal disk with 256 MB RAM.

I see that 11.4 is supported on the Ultra 2, but the minimum recommended
system memory is 4GB -twice the max for this system, and a whole lot more
than what I have.

I can't for the life of me boot the install DVD and am getting "Can't open
boot_archive" and "fast data access mmu miss" below that.

Is there some trick to this?  I've since copied the 10-Recommended patches
off a DVD I made back in 6/2010 with whatever was current there and am
currently patching the system (slow) so I know the DVD drive is at least
good enough for that.   It's an HP drive I use with my NeXT and have some
confidence in it, and is setup at the default scsi ID 6 where the internal
CDROM drive was.

Is it worth it to even try going to 11.4?  When I see a minimum amount of
memory that high, I keep eyeballing my 2.6 CD.

Thanks all,

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