[rescue] Sun 386i

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Wed Mar 27 16:14:03 CDT 2019

I found this in an archive of mine:

root at ohno:/disk/sunarchive/386i# ls sunos401
app-01.gz  app-05.gz  app-09.gz  app-13.gz  app-17.gz  dev-01.gz  dev-05.gz
app-02.gz  app-06.gz  app-10.gz  app-14.gz  app-18.gz  dev-02.gz  dev-06.gz
app-03.gz  app-07.gz  app-11.gz  app-15.gz  app-19.gz  dev-03.gz  dev-07.gz
app-04.gz  app-08.gz  app-12.gz  app-16.gz  app-20.gz  dev-04.gz  diag-401.gz

root at ohno:/disk/sunarchive/386i# ls sunos402
diag-402.gz  README.4.0.2  upg-02.gz  upg-04.gz  upg-06.gz
INSTALL      upg-01.gz     upg-03.gz  upg-05.gz  upg-07.gz

Hit me up directly if you want access.


On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:03:37AM -0500, alan at alanlee.org wrote:
>I picked up a Sun 386i recently.  It appears to be a 250 with the 16M
>caching RAM card.  But it also appears to have the most basic video card
>with a DB-15 which I assume also carries keyboard (and mouse?).
>Does anyone know where I can get the latest SunOS 4.0.2 for 386i and
>accompanying SunView and VP/ix software?  Would be an interesting box to
>play around with.  Also is there any technical information about the
>pin-out for video/keyboard?  It did not come with a cable adapter for a
>Type 4 + RGB(+HV?)
>Also the Wiki page speaks of a SunVGA ISA accelerator card.  Is this a
>special Sun card or did they use a commodity chip-set that could be
>duplicated with another more generic card version from a 3rd party?  It
>seems like finding a video or ram card for the proprietary form factor -
>that is not already in a machine - is impossible.
>-Alan Hightower
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Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas USA

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