[rescue] Need VME memory boards

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Mar 26 13:49:29 CDT 2019

A couple follow ups.

1) Still need the boards I listed....anybody willing to trade/sell any?
I can't believe there aren't spares out there somewhere :-)  Esp since I have
"larger" RAM boards to trade :-)

2) Power supply wise -- A "generic" replacement I'm not sure would cut it.
There are at least 4 connectors (and 4 very large wires) that would need to
be supported.  I'm not sure I know where I'd find pinouts for them... so it
would be somewhat non-trivial to do.  And how this is all connected to the VME
part of the chassis would cause some headache, at least in terms of usability.
If someone had make this sort of "mod", I'd be happy to explore any descriptions
to see if I could perform it.

3) Peter --  Yeah, I have a '88/'89 version of the FEH... and saw that
there were
two different parts.  I have chatted with a couple folks who are more
in terms of power supplies, and they suggested something similar.  I spent part
of the day yesterday disassembling it... (these old Suns were really
"built sturdy")
I took about a half dozen pictures and sent them to the person who had made a
similar suggestion.  The main caps do show 240/115 on them, but we couldn't find
any sort of jumper/plug-wire (he thought there would be something like
that as well)
on the thing.  I can share the pictures if you want to take a look...
but so far, nothing
we can see.  The back of the chassis DOES have a 240V sticker on the 240 one,
and a 115v one on the 115 one, so they were at least labeled that way (I haven't
taken the 115v one apart to the same level as I did on the 240
one...since it's working)
When I got the 240v one, I found that it was missing the fuse (no idea
if that was
because --  "steal the fuse for another machine" or "take the fuse
from a broken PS" )
I did try using the fuse from the 115v one and plugged it in (figuring
at worst it wouldn't
come on...)  and it simply didn't turn on.  I don't have a way to
generate EU power
to see if it works... since I'm in the US (without any sort of variac
or the like).   What's odd
is that the person I got it from has another machine which says 115
but is 240... so that
had also made me think that it was a switchable configuration... but
so far doesn't seem
like it.


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