[rescue] Need VME memory boards

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Mon Mar 25 17:35:50 CDT 2019

Hi Earl

I just checked in the old Handbook and it only lists one type of Power Supply
(two part nos 300-1022 and 300-1093), ie not specifying 115V or 240V, but then
goes on to ref power supply module assembly, either 540-1384 (115V) and
540-1541 (240V).

So I suspect that the power supply may have an internal jumper to change over
for the voltages. Have you opened the 240V one up?

Peter Stokes
Ashlyn Computer Services
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On 25 Mar 2019, at 22:23, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:

> Folks,
> I have been able to get the Sun 3/110 to boot using the SCSI2SD board ( I
> going to write up a more detailed response so that others can benefit in
> future, but that will be later tonight).   But I have it working on
> SCSI2SD boards...
> However b I canbt seem to get more that 4mb to work in the 3/110 chassis
> the 2nd chassis I have is 240v, Ibm working with some other friends to see
> if itbs possible to switch that to 115v b there isnbt that normal switch
> on the back to toggle that... if I figure it out, that will be
> yet-another-e-mail :-) )
> Ibve tried the two 4mb boards I have ( both 501-1132 boards ) one has a
> gouge  in the ground plane but the bulk of the ground plane is intact b
> one says Parity Error 3/17/16 ( not my writing, from the person I got it
> ) so Ibm assuming that would work but generate an error, similar to
> Clearpoint board I have that I canbt figure out jumpers for.   However I
> canbt get the machine to even boot with the boards in. In both cases the
> lights on the CPU board all light up. Which indicates some form of reset.
> Ibve checked the boards dip switches.  They are set according to the FEH
> 3 on U3118 and 4 on U3119. Jumper J3102 is jumped as well.  Ibve tried
> with the VME Bus Px03 and Px04 both jumpered and unjumpered.  Same results
> all cases.   I donbt think itbs a power issue, as the machine boots with
> cards ( I.e. 8mb incompatible sun board or Clearpoint SNXRAM card, with
> card in both cases ). Ibve tried with and without SCSI card. All same
> results.
> Soooo, question is, do I just have two bad 4mb cards?  Am I missing some
> setting?  I donbt see anything to set on CPU board.
> If so,  anybody got memory cards theybre willing to trade that would work
> a 3/120?   Ibve got an 8mb 501-1102 or a 32mb 501-1254 32 mb card to
> memory wise. I am trying to build up 2 3/110 machines, so would like 2 4mb
> boards at least. Ibve also got a 3/110 cpu board that has a blown cap to
> replace but otherwise works, and a couple SMD drive controller boards.  I
> just realized I have a a Sun 2 VME SCSI board - ( 501-1149 * combo:
> "Sun-2" SCSI in 270-1059 6U/9U VME )
> And of course if anybody has a spare 3/1xx power supply that is configured
> 115v also be interested in that. ( and another SCSI card with an external
> connection would be useful )
> Earl
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