[rescue] Need VME memory boards

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Mar 25 17:23:27 CDT 2019


I have been able to get the Sun 3/110 to boot using the SCSI2SD board ( I am
going to write up a more detailed response so that others can benefit in the
future, but that will be later tonight).   But I have it working on multiple
SCSI2SD boards...

However b I canbt seem to get more that 4mb to work in the 3/110 chassis (
the 2nd chassis I have is 240v, Ibm working with some other friends to see
if itbs possible to switch that to 115v b there isnbt that normal switch
on the back to toggle that... if I figure it out, that will be
yet-another-e-mail :-) )

Ibve tried the two 4mb boards I have ( both 501-1132 boards ) one has a
gouge  in the ground plane but the bulk of the ground plane is intact b and
one says Parity Error 3/17/16 ( not my writing, from the person I got it from
) so Ibm assuming that would work but generate an error, similar to
Clearpoint board I have that I canbt figure out jumpers for.   However I
canbt get the machine to even boot with the boards in. In both cases the
lights on the CPU board all light up. Which indicates some form of reset.

Ibve checked the boards dip switches.  They are set according to the FEH as
3 on U3118 and 4 on U3119. Jumper J3102 is jumped as well.  Ibve tried them
with the VME Bus Px03 and Px04 both jumpered and unjumpered.  Same results in
all cases.   I donbt think itbs a power issue, as the machine boots with 3
cards ( I.e. 8mb incompatible sun board or Clearpoint SNXRAM card, with SCSI
card in both cases ). Ibve tried with and without SCSI card. All same

Soooo, question is, do I just have two bad 4mb cards?  Am I missing some
setting?  I donbt see anything to set on CPU board.

If so,  anybody got memory cards theybre willing to trade that would work in
a 3/120?   Ibve got an 8mb 501-1102 or a 32mb 501-1254 32 mb card to trade,
memory wise. I am trying to build up 2 3/110 machines, so would like 2 4mb
boards at least. Ibve also got a 3/110 cpu board that has a blown cap to
replace but otherwise works, and a couple SMD drive controller boards.  I also
just realized I have a a Sun 2 VME SCSI board - ( 501-1149 * combo: 501-1045
"Sun-2" SCSI in 270-1059 6U/9U VME )

And of course if anybody has a spare 3/1xx power supply that is configured for
115v also be interested in that. ( and another SCSI card with an external
connection would be useful )


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