[rescue] DECstation 3100 serial console / running OSF/1

Dennis Grevenstein dennis.grevenstein at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 15:49:08 CDT 2019


I have had a DECstation 3100 for some time now and I got
to reinstalling this machine a few days ago. As I got old and all
those system got old, I mostly switched to serial consoles
or basically serial connection via an USB-to-serial adapter.
It should be possible to get a serial console on a DS3100 by:
- pulling the framebuffer SIMM
- connecting the mouse or a mouse loopback
- connect a terminal to the printer port

This works in general, but always fails at:

KN01 V6.71


then it just says b
 and prompts me to press the
reset switch. I have tried setting the console firmware
variable to b
 or b
, but nothing helps. I ended up setting
it to just the default b
. So far I have only found references
for firmware release V7.
Does anybody here have an idea? It works, but it wonbt
boot automatically.

I have finally installed OSF/1 V1.0. Pretty interesting system
and actually not as buggy as early ULTRIX releases. Is anybody
else also running OSF/1 on MIPS?

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