[rescue] Sun 3 with SCSI2SD

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Mar 18 16:03:01 CDT 2019

A couple followups (in response to comments/questions)

1) The Sun 3/110 is before OBP.  There is no "probe-scsi" command available
(I wish there was :-) )
2) In conversations with a few folks, I think the bwaiting for disk
spinning upb indicates it finds the SCSI2SD but not the SCSI Id.
3) The other message "No Label found, attempting to boot anyway" we think
indicates that it found an ID but not a "correct" disk set up.
 (can anybody confirm #2 and 3?)
5) The SCSI2SD is a 50 pin unit....
4) Overall settings on the SCSI2SD card are :

   - Host Speed
   - Startup Delay
   - SCSI Selection Delay
   - The following check boxes:
   - Enable Parity
      - Enable Unit Attention
      - Enable SCSI2 Mode
      - Disable glitch filter
      - Enable disk cache (experimental)
      - Enable SCSI Disconnect
      - Response to short SCSI selection pulses
      - Map LUNS to SCSI IDs

In the setups I've tried the speed has been Normal and Slow (only two
options), Startup Delay has always been 0, SCSI Selection Delay ( has been
set to 255 which they say is "auto") and I've had Enable Unit Attention
check and unchecked.  So I don't think there is any setting equivalent to
spin up either on first access or poweron.

Not sure how Mike S's comment about "ready response" would map, given this
is pre OBP.  Mike, any thoughts?

The Individual Disks (the card supports 4 devices) have :

   - Check box -- Enable SCSI Target (to enable/disable the various disks)
   - SCSI ID
   - Device Type
   - Quirks Mode
   - SD card start Sector
   - Sector size (bytes)
   - Sector count
   - Device size (number and units)
   - Vender
   - Product ID
   - Revision
   - Serial number

This data can be loaded and saved via an XML file.  I've loaded the file
Walter used on his, so I we match in that

I know there is a later PROM version for the 3/110 than what's on the board
I have (I have another two 3/110 VME boards)
so I might try swapping that out, but I don't know of any "known issues"
with SCSI boards and the current PROM version.

I was also wondering if the DD command I used : sudo dd if=sdcard-sun3+4.dd
(on a Mac) needs a block size?   I sent a mail to Walter to ask him how it
created it... but has anybody duplicated
an SD card that they have used with a SCSI2SD card?  If so, how exactly did
you do it?



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