[rescue] Sun 3 with SCSI2SD

Mike Spooner mikes at aalin.co.uk
Mon Mar 18 08:25:21 CDT 2019

IIRC, the "ready response" that OBP waits for is the response packet to theB 
IDENTIFY ("what's your make and model"?) SCSI command..

On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 12:22 PM +0000, "adh at an.bradford.ma.us (Sandwich
Maker)" <> wrote:

" From: Earl Baugh
" Howdy,
" Wondering if anyone has used a SCSI2SD card with a Sun 3 class machine. I
" Walter B has had success with the Sun 2( that's next on my list after I get
" the Sun 3/110 working with one. )
" I have some Version 5 of the card. (I also have a version 3 card that I
" long ago, with little success). The new current firmware is much more
" understandable in terms of setting it up.
" However with a known good image ( obtained from Walter B) I can't get it to
" go past the message "Waiting for disk to spin up..."
" followed by "Please start it, if necessary , - OR - press a key to quit."
" I know the card doesn't need to spin up p so question is, what is the
" boot prom waiting for? I expect it's just something off in my config but so
" far everything I've tried yields the same result.

not sure how this relates, but hds have a jumper i always set, to spin
up on first access instead of poweron; my thinking was that the load
on the ps was never higher than at poweron and this would reduce the
surge by a meaningful fraction while adding only seconds to cold boot.

could there be a 'ready' signal/message the disk returns to the obp?
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