[rescue] Sun 3/XXX 240v power supply — switch to 115v — is it possible?

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Mar 17 21:23:46 CDT 2019


Ibve recently gotten a second Sun 3/Xxx 3 slot VME chassis, however the
power supply is a EU version, 240v. I know on a number of b
supplies there is a switch to go from 240 to 115.  Ibve taken this one apart
( at least to the point where it comes off the bottom of the VME chassis b
but left the thick cables still connected. )  I havenbt found any switch or
any indication that it can switch.  Googling and looking at the FEH hasnbt
yielded any info either.

Anybody know if itbs possible to switch this type of PS?



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