[rescue] Sun 3 with SCSI2SD

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Sun Mar 17 21:11:49 CDT 2019


Wondering if anyone has used a SCSI2SD card with a Sun 3 class machine. I know
Walter B has had success with the Sun 2( thatbs next on my list after I get
the Sun 3/110 working with one. )

I have some Version 5 of the card. (I also have a version 3 card that I tried
long ago, with little success). The new current firmware is much more
understandable in terms of setting it up.
However with a known good image ( obtained from Walter B) I canbt get it to
go past the message b
Waiting for disk to spin up...b

followed by b
Please start it, if necessary , b OR b press a key to

I know the card doesnbt need to spin up p so question is, what is the
boot prom waiting for? I expect itbs just something off in my config but so
far everything Ibve tried yields the same result.

Anybody have a config.xml that works that they could share? ( and which
firmware version  it works with? )



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