[rescue] LCD hi res 17" monitor wanted

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Mar 14 05:43:54 CDT 2019

Le mer. 13 mars 2019 C  20:55, Arno Kletzander <Arno_1983 at gmx.de> a C)crit :
>got as far as having a SparcClassic (builtin cgthree) generate RGB+sync

I didn't realize the CG3 was programmable in any way. Is it only in the
or are the standalone, fixed-resolution CG3 also (somewhat) programmable?

> further information to the capabilities of the different frame buffers (and
especially meaning of the flag/control bits)

There was some Sun documentation for the TGX on the net once, and the
BT467 RAMDAC is documented as well...

As for SDTV - I don't understand the question; it's only 480i or 576i,
both of which are much lower than the
standard Sun 1152x900@(66Hz or 76Hz). A TGX can output 720x576 or
720x480 non-interlaced, though
I'm unsure whether the pixel clock can be set _low_ enough ...
(Interlaced is 13.5 MHz, non-interlaced is 27 Mhz).


Romain Dolbeau

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