[rescue] Memory boards for Sun 3/110

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Mar 13 16:00:11 CDT 2019

 Hey, just got some more VME boards ( thanks Walter!!) and was trying to sort
out what I can use in my 3/110. I know max ram is 12mb. 4mb on board. But I
havenbt found any reference that says a 501-1102 (8mb board) would work in
it. All the configuration specs Ibve found say 2x 4mb, which prevents you
from adding a SCSI card )

I have a clearpoint board as well ( no manual for it anywhere ... grumble... )
which I believe can be configured from 4 to 16mb ( but absolutely no idea how
to set jumpers and/or if it is all good ram )

Anybody remember using an 8mb board in a 3/110? Or how to mac it out ram wise
with one board?



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