[rescue] LCD hi res 17" monitor wanted

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Wed Mar 13 14:55:39 CDT 2019

While we're on the subject: I've done some Sun cg_x modeline customization myself (in fruitbringing cooperation with jkunz and Der Mouse, who helped me get started with obp Forth etc.) and got as far as having a SparcClassic (builtin cgthree) generate RGB+sync signals that would display on a Commodore 50Hz (SDTV) CRT monitor when fed to it by means of a custom built 13W3 -> SCART cable. Unfortunately it was not clear whether the timing/address generator ASIC is in any way capable of generating "interlaced" video which would be required to obtain the full vertical resolution from a SDTV monitor, so if anybody has further information to the capabilities of the different frame buffers (and especially meaning of the flag/control bits) I'd sure be grateful to see them posted here, or in any other suitable location (framebuffer FAQ, wiki,...).

Thanks in advance,
yours sincerely,

Arno // DO4NAK

Romain Dolbeau <romain at dolbeau.org> wrote:
> (the chip itself is quite versatile, the function
> used to program it isn't), and then figure out which combinations of
> the various parameters will allow the monitor to sync (porch, sync
> pulse, etc.).

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