[rescue] LCD hi res 17" monitor wanted

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Mar 11 22:41:14 CDT 2019

" From: Romain Dolbeau <romain at dolbeau.org>
" Many alternate resolutions are programmable _without_ touching this,
" however, as explained in the Framebuffer FAQ, you just need to
" translate the clock parameters to the proper syntax, e.g:
" ( low-freq 1920x1080x55 using standard 135 MHz clock, work on Iiyama E2473HS )
" : r1920x1080x55 " 135000000,61058,55,20,251,20,1920,6,6,18,1080,COLOR,0OFFSET"
" ;
" But some modes needs a clock not in the list supported by the ROM, so
" you just reprogram the clock chip... should be completely safe, at
" least in theory :-) That's what I need for UXGA, 1600x1200 on a CRT.

i was just playing with your line above and the numbers as explained in
the fbfaq, and
: uxga " 135000000,73811,60,20,189,20,6,6,18,1200,COLOR,0OFFSET"
should work, unless i've added something wrong.  anyone in a position
to check?

i observe that calculated decimals can apparently be rounded to
integers - hfreq and vfreq come out to 73810.825587752872 and
60.008943089431, and in your line they were 61058.344640434196
and 55.007517694085.  am i missing something?
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